Choose Restorative Dental Care to Revive Your Oral Health

The group at Preston Dental Center enjoys giving our patients confident smiles and healthy mouths. Our restorative dental solutions are made to give you a complete, strong set of teeth so you can return to living your life the way you want. Our advanced dental technology aids in diagnosis and ensures that you get the best treatment feasible.

To make you comfortable, we provide painless numbing and amenities to put you at ease. Simply let us know if you require something to help you relax or to provide a distraction during your appointment. We also provide sedation, which can alleviate your stress and anxiety while you receive one or more of our services:

  • Tooth Fillings – Our dental fillings will certainly repair damage to your teeth and also recover your eating and chewing ability.
  • Root Canal Therapy – This advantageous treatment will stop your tooth pain and save your diseased tooth from being extracted.
  • Dental Crowns – A same-day crown will fix a number of problems while looking like a natural part of your smile. Crowns are excellent for repairing broken, cracked, decayed, and worn-down teeth.
  • Fixed Bridges – A dental bridge fills in the gap in your smile left behind by lost teeth, and it is secured on either end to your other teeth.
  • Dentures – You can get full and partial dentures or other types of dentures based on your need to recreate your complete smile.
  • Dental Implants – These tooth root replacements serve as a firm foundation to secure your crowns, bridges, and dentures. Along with your smile, you can enjoy power in your bite again.

Don’t wait to plan a visit with your restorative dentist in Preston Highlands, NC! Call Preston Dental Center now at 919-823-6967 to arrange a visit. You also can schedule online.