Tooth Bonding Boost Your Confidence In A Day
  • Instantly improve your smile’s appearance
  • Quickly achieve a new smile that’s affordable & reversible
  • Combine bonding with other services as part of a makeover

Revive Your Smile With Cary Tooth Bonding

You may not need a major cosmetic fix to correct minor smile flaws. With tooth bonding in Cary, our dentists can conceal smile flaws with a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment.

Compared to alternatives like veneers and crowns, a bonding treatment is:

  • Affordable – Bonding is less costly than a crown or veneer.
  • Reversible – When bonding wears off or is removed, your tooth will look the same way it did prior to the procedure.
  • Simple – Unlike other restorations, there is no need to make dental impressions or remove any enamel from your teeth. Our dentists apply layers of tooth-colored resin directly to your teeth, sculpt the resin into the desired appearance, and harden it with a special light.

To see if dental bonding will work for your smile, schedule a free consultation at Preston Dental Center by calling 919-823-6967.

Save Time & Your Smile by Getting Dental Bonding

Our dentists have the training and experience to help you determine whether dental bonding or a restoration like a veneer will give you the best results. Among the factors you’ll want to consider:

  • Problems You Want to Solve – Bonding material is applied only to areas that need attention, which makes bonding better for minor changes. A veneer covers the entire front surface of your tooth, and a crown completely covers the tooth. Veneers and crowns strengthen your teeth, so they may be better if you have weak enamel.
  • Durability – Veneers and crowns usually last at least a decade and sometimes many years more. In contrast, bonding is more susceptible to wear and tear and staining. However, bonding can last up to eight years, although three to five years is more typical.
  • Cost – Bonding is more affordable than either veneers or crowns.

Bonding can be effective on its own, but it also can be valuable as part of a smile makeover using multiple cosmetic services. If you have questions about improving your teeth, we have answers.

For tooth bonding in Cary, call Preston Dental Center at 919-823-6967 or schedule online to make an appointment to improve your smile.

Common Questions About Tooth Bonding

Is tooth bonding expensive?

Not at all. In fact, tooth bonding is an easy and cost-effective measure to try before making larger investments of time and money later. We simply apply layers of a special tooth-colored resin directly to your teeth, fashion it, and then harden it with a light. If you are on the fence about tooth bonding, come in for a free cosmetic consultation to hear more about it.

Why try tooth bonding?

You may have a few minor imperfections or smile flaws that are driving you crazy. If so, tooth bonding is a fast fix for minor blemishes. If you like what you see, you may decide to move on from there to some of our other cosmetic dentistry options that can really make your smile pop. We believe you are never too old to get a better-looking smile!

Where can I get tooth bonding in Cary?

The place for dental bonding in Cary, NC is Preston Dental Center because we have an experienced cosmetic team to take your smile just where it needs to go. You can trust our recommendations, and we’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons of bonding and its alternatives with you so you can make the best decision. Either way, we’ll make sure your results look natural, not fake.

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