Teeth Contouring Get Your Better Smile Fast!
  • Improve your smile in just one appointment
  • Enjoy a pain-free procedure with our dental laser
  • Enhance your teeth with quick & budget-friendly care

Boost Your Smile by Getting Teeth Contouring in Cary

A tooth with an uneven edge or an extra-pointy canine tooth might make you wish for an easy way to clean up those rough parts of your smile. By using our dental laser, our doctors can make those minor adjustments in just one visit. With teeth contouring in Cary, NC, you can:

  • Complete your treatment in minutes
  • Remove a minimal amount of tooth enamel
  • Fix minor bite problems caused by teeth that touch unevenly during contact
  • Have a balanced and even smile, with all of your teeth in proper proportion to each other

Call 919-823-6967 to schedule your free cosmetic dentistry consultation with one of our dentists at Preston Dental Center. We even can use digital images to give you a sneak preview of what your smile improvements will look like.

Erase Small Flaws With Dental Contouring

Contouring can’t solve all smile problems, but it is better than tooth bonding treatment or a restoration like a veneer or crown in some situations. Our dentists will help you determine which solution is right for you. Contouring works well for correcting:

  • Minor Chips
  • Slightly Overlapping Teeth
  • Overly Pointy Teeth
  • Uneven Tooth Length

Improve Your Results With Additional Cosmetic Treatments

For a complete smile makeover, you may want to consider some of our other cosmetic procedures:

  • Invisalign – With clear aligners, straightening teeth no longer needs to involve unsightly metal braces.
  • Gum Recession Treatment – Receding gums not only look unattractive, but they make you more prone to decay and other dental problems.
  • Teeth Whitening – A white smile makes any other improvements stand out more.
  • Tooth Bonding – A bonding treatment can fix flaws that won’t respond to contouring, such as stubborn stains or gaps between teeth.
  • Dental Veneers – For larger imperfections or when a tooth needs to be strengthened, veneers may be the right choice.

To discuss teeth contouring in Cary, call Preston Dental Center at 919-823-6967 for your free consultation, or schedule online.

Common Questions About Teeth Contouring

How expensive is tooth contouring?

The cost is always tied to the amount of work that needs to happen, so it is different for every patient. Generally speaking, tooth contouring is a cost-effective way to allow your smile to look even and balanced when you flash those pearly whites. For more details, you can always request your complimentary consultation at our office.

Why get tooth contouring?

Tooth contouring can help a patient overcome a variety of issues such as abnormally shaped or pointed teeth. It is a quick, essentially pain-free, and permanent step. To achieve the desired results, we’ll use a gentle dental laser to smooth away any of the rough and uneven tooth edges that look so noticeable.

Where can I get tooth contouring in Cary?

If you want to smile with a lot more confidence, we suggest you visit Preston Dental Center in Cary, NC, where you can get tooth contouring treatments using modern digital technology, and many other cosmetic services too. With us at the helm, your attractive new smile is only a phone call away.

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