Fear of the dentist is not new. It has affected millions of people for generations. Fortunately, modern dental innovations have made it easier for you to overcome dental anxiety and receive the care that you need.

At our Cary, NC office, we have found that these tips have been invaluable for helping many patients overcome their dental worries.

1. Talk to Us

If you have dental anxiety, don’t hide that from us. By knowing that this is a concern for you, we can discuss the reasons for your anxiety and find ways to provide treatment that works for you.

2. Get Comfortable

Your physical comfort can make a big difference in how you feel during your appointment. Blankets and pillows can make you cozy. Listening to music or watching television can provide a welcome distraction while we care for you.

3. Stay Pain-Free

We know that pain is one of the biggest worries for many people with dental fear. We have multiple ways of keeping you pain-free. These include the Anutra system for anesthesia and two sedation options.

Have questions? Please call or contact us online to learn more about our approach to patient care at Preston Dental Center.