Halloween can be a time for “spooky” skeletons and ghosts that are meant to be more fun than scary. However, many people have a genuine fear of the dentist that isn’t amusing.

Dental anxiety affects millions of people and can prevent someone from getting the care that they need. We can help you at our Cary, NC dental practice.

1. Create a Distraction

We know that you can’t pretend that you aren’t in a dentist’s office. However, you can do things to take your mind off of what’s happening during your appointment. You can put on headphones to listen to music or a podcast. We also have in-room televisions if you would like to watch one of your favorite shows.

2. Get Cozy

When you are comfortable, it’s easier to relax. Ask about our warm blankets and soft pillows to ease into a dental chair.

3. Try Sedation

If your fear is strong, sedation can help. We offer both inhaled sedation (laughing gas) and oral sedation (medication) to keep you calm and pain-free throughout your visit.

We also are confident that as you get to know us and our approach to patient care, you will feel more at ease with routine visits. Request an appointment online or call 919-823-6967 to plan your visit to Preston Dental Center in Cary, NC.