Many people spend more time rushing around than relaxing during the holidays. A time of year that’s supposed to be special ends up feeling stressful. You know stress affects you both mentally and physically – and that includes your teeth and gums. While stress can affect your smile, it doesn’t have to. 

Making a conscious effort to lessen your stress can help. For some good ideas, check out this short video from the Mayo Clinic. And follow these suggestions to keep stress from damaging your dental health:

  • Get a Mouthguard – Many people grind their teeth or clench their jaw while they sleep, a habit that is often linked to stress. It can damage tooth enamel and also cause headaches and jaw pain. If you wake with a sore jaw in the morning, see us for a custom mouthguard that will stop this habit. You’ll feel better, and your smile will be safe. 
  • Keep Brushing and Flossing – During the holidays, it can be tough to maintain routines. This can be stressful. If daily brushing and flossing are among the routines that get neglected, it can also affect your oral health. But oral hygiene is more important than ever during the holidays because you are probably eating more sugary treats than usual.
  • Stop Dry Mouth in Its Tracks – Stress tends to dry out your mouth. This makes you more vulnerable to cavities and gum disease. Drink plenty of water to fight dry mouth. You can also chew sugar-free gum or suck on sugar-free candy to encourage saliva production. 

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