You don’t need to struggle with a broken tooth for weeks or months. Instead, you can fix your smile sooner by getting your dental crown from Preston Dental Center.

Here’s why you should call 919-823-6967 to repair your tooth at our Cary, NC dental practice.

Do You Want Your Tooth to Function Correctly?

A broken, cracked, or decayed tooth can feel painful when you use it to bite or chew. When you get a dental crown, you regain your ability to eat what you want without pain or difficulty.

Do You Want Your Smile to Look Natural?

At a modern dental practice like ours, you don’t have to settle for a metal crown. You can combine function and appearance by getting a ceramic crown. These materials are durable and strong while also giving you a replacement tooth that looks as good as the real thing.

Do You Want to Get Your Crown in One Appointment?

We have invested in iTero scanning equipment and the E4D system. This allows us to take a digital scan of your mouth. Then we used CAD/CAM software to design a crown to fit your mouth and create that crown with our in-office milling machine. This means you don’t need to wear a temporary crown or make a second appointment to complete the process.

To get your same-day crown, request an appointment online or call 919-823-6967 to plan your visit to Preston Dental Center in Cary, NC.