With the new year approaching quickly, our wish is that you and your loved ones have many reasons to smile in 2021.

We also hope you keep your mouths as healthy as they can be for many years to come. If you are looking for a general dentist, now would be a great time to schedule your next appointment with us. At Preston Dental Center, you will a dedicated team committed to keeping you comfortable and to doing our part to make dental visits easier for your favorite people.

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Putting Patients’ Needs First

When you get down to it, dentistry isn’t about caring for someone’s teeth. It’s about caring for people. Since people are different, it’s about understanding that works for one person may not be the best approach for the next person to sit in one of our chairs.

Those needs often change at different stages of life.

Preventive care is always plan A, which is why we offer cleanings and exams along with fluoride treatments and dental sealants. If you do develop tooth decay or a gum infection, we want to treat it as quickly as possible to keep your mouth healthy.

We also know that wear and tear takes a toll on teeth. Accidents also happen. In either of these situations, we offer restorative services so you can repair and replace teeth. Whether you need a dental crown to fix a broken tooth or implant-supported dentures after an entire row of teeth has been lost, we can help you.

Just as important, we can help you create the smile of your dreams. You can choose from a variety of cosmetic services including professional whitening, veneers, and Invisalign aligners. You may even combine services for a total smile makeover.

A Friendly Dedicated Team

Our team members want you and the people you love to enjoy the benefits of our decades of combined experience.

As we noted above, we take care of people. When you visit us, we want to know your smile goals as well as any concerns you may have about dental care.

We are always learning about new techniques and technology. We want to make sure we are providing the highest level of care that we can for each and every patient.

We also know that you only get the benefits of these services if you feel comfortable coming to our office. By understanding your concerns, we can provide a personalized experience when you visit us. With our comfort amenities, you get cozy or find a distraction, so you can focus your mind elsewhere while we care for your smile.

If you need more help to overcome dental anxiety, we also offer two kinds of dental sedation. Laughing gas (inhaled sedation) is quick, effective, and safe for patients of all ages. For individuals with more severe anxiety, we also offer oral sedation.

By talking to us about your worries, we can adapt to make your visits more pleasant.

Managing Your Treatments

Last but not least, we know many people wonder about managing the cost of dental care. If you have dental insurance, that’s a great option. We also accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

But we also have another option that has made dental care easier for many families and individuals in and around Cary, NC. By signing up for our dental membership plan, you have a cost-effective way to cover your preventive care. This also makes you eligible for discounts on other services that you may need or desire in the future.

Contact us online or call 919-823-6967 to make your next appointment at Preston Dental Center. We look forward to seeing you in 2021 and beyond!