The clock is winding down in 2021, which means you are running out of time to schedule a dental appointment. Don’t miss this opportunity, especially if you have dental insurance.

Benefits are Limited

Dental insurance is great if you have it. However, you need to remember that the benefits that come with your plan are tied to the calendar. If you don’t take advantage of them soon, you are losing them.

Prevention Today is Better Than Treatment Tomorrow

Most dental plans are set up to encourage preventive care. After all, it is better to get a cleaning today than a root canal next month. A routine dental checkup can keep your smile in shape or catch problems while they are still small.

Get What You are Paying For

If you have dental insurance, you have likely been paying for it little by little with every paycheck you receive. If you don’t visit the dentist at least once, then what are you paying for? You wouldn’t buy a ticket to a game if you weren’t planning to go. Don’t lose the money you’ve already spent on your oral health.

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