You can create the smile of your dreams with cosmetic dental care. By combining services, you can receive a complete smile makeover at our Cary, NC office.

Here are just a few examples of what you could do.

Straighten & Get Veneers

You can undergo orthodontic care with Invisalign aligners. Then, you can repair chipped teeth with veneers.

Whitening & Tooth Bonding

If you have stained teeth, professional whitening will revive your bright smile. Then you can get bonding to repair chipped teeth or fill in small gaps in your smile.

Gum Reshaping & Tooth Contouring

If you have a gummy smile, reshaping is how we remove excess periodontal tissue to reveal more of your teeth when you smile. If some of your teeth are large or misshapen, contouring is an easy way to take some enamel to create a more uniform smile.

What combination will you use in your makeover? Request an appointment online or call 919-823-6967 to plan your visit to Preston Dental Center in Cary, NC.