You may remember your grandparents taking out their dentures or leaving them in a glass of water. If you have lost or anticipate losing teeth, you may think dentures are your only replacement option.

But are they really the best way to give yourself new teeth?

What Dentures Do

Dentures have been used for centuries as replacement teeth. Today’s dentures are made with materials that look natural and can last for many years. This can give you the confidence of a complete smile.

What’s Missing With Dentures

Dentures don’t replace the roots of your missing teeth. As a result, your replacement teeth can feel looser and looser with time. This can cause frustration if your teeth move when you are trying to speak or eat something.

Get What’s Missing

This is why implant-supported dentures and bridges have grown in popularity. They give you the complete smile that you want, plus they hold your teeth secure in your mouth. Dental implants also combat bone loss by providing direct stimulation to your jaw.

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