Most of the time when people think about oral health, they think about their teeth. To keep your teeth intact, however, you also need to care for your gums.

Since February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, we want to make sure you know some signs that you may have a periodontal problem. If so, you can some to Preston Dental Center for treatment to get your smile back on track.

1. Bleeding Gums

Let’s be clear: Your gums should not bleed. If they bleed when you brush or floss, that is a sign of an infection. (It’s also a sign that you may not be flossing as much as you should.)

2. Red & Swollen Gums

When your gums are healthy, they look pink and feel firm to the touch. When an infection sets in, your gums can look redder than usual and make appear swollen or puffy.

3. Bad Breath

Gum infections are caused by excessive harmful bacteria. This is why that bad taste in your mouth doesn’t go away.

4. Loose Teeth

Did you know that gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss in the U.S.? Part of the reason is that receding gums (another gum disease symptom) make your teeth less secure. If your permanent teeth are wiggling, you need to come to see us right away.

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