You are tired of feeling tired. You catch yourself nodding off at your desk or while watching television much more often than you would like. Frequently, you wake up with a dry mouth or a headache.

All of these can be signs of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that you can treat at our Cary, NC dental office. Here are three benefits you can get from this care.

1. Feel Rejuvenated

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People who have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) rarely reach the stages of deep sleep. That leaves them feeling sleep-deprived. This makes it difficult to focus on everyday activities, including household chores, work projects, and driving.

With one of our oral appliances, you can open your airway. This will allow you to breathe easier because breathing stoppages can happen hundreds of times nightly when you have untreated OSA. If you can continue breathing, you can stay asleep longer, which means you will get the deep sleep that you need.

2. Stop Snoring

This is a benefit for the people closest to you. People with OSA snore loudly and persistently, which keeps other people awake. That can leave everyone feeling cranky in the morning because no one got a good night of sleep.

3. Improve Your Health

The frequent breathing stoppages that we mentioned earlier put a lot of stress on your body. This could help explain why people with untreated sleep apnea face a higher risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, and strokes, among other health issues. By addressing your sleep disorder, you also have more energy to get regular exercise.

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