There are two commonly prescribed treatments for mild or moderate cases of sleep apnea: a sleep apnea appliance or a CPAP machine. Both work by keeping your airway open so you can breathe easily throughout the night. Dr. Greg Mayes has completed many hours of continuing education on sleep disorders, including a mini-residency in dental sleep medicine.

He has outfitted many patients with a custom-made appliance. An appliance offers advantages over a CPAP. Most sleep apnea patients find the appliance:

  • More Comfortable – Most CPAPs have a mask that covers part of your face. You inhale air throughout the mask all night. The air comes through tubing that can get tangled if you move around in your sleep. It also sometimes leaves you with a dry mouth and throat. In contrast, an appliance fits comfortably in your mouth, with no mask or tubing.
  • Less Intrusive – The mask and the tubing can also get in the way of your bed partner. And the motor of a CPAP can make noise that may distract light sleepers. The appliance is usually easier for both the sleep apnea patient and their bed partner to get used to.
  • More Convenient – You need batteries or electricity and distilled water to use a CPAP. That can be a challenge in certain travel situations. No special supplies are needed with the appliance. Plus, it fits in your hand. So it’s easy to transport and use on the road.

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